Movement Evolution Yoga Teacher Training - 200 Hours 

Movement Evolution Yoga Teacher Training is a yoga and movement teacher training that blends the modalities of yoga and ayurveda with the latest in kinesiological research, creative movement and other dynamic movement styles. 


We believe that yoga postures should continue to evolve to suit the needs and lifestyles of the practitioners who come to a variety of movement classes in the 21st Century, rather than be limited to practices that may have been shaped to support bodies and daily movement patterns from other eras.


MEYTT focuses not only on applying kinesiological and biomechanical principles but also guides its teachers to imbue the practice with embodied movement, joy and a sense of creativity. We aim to open the practitioners up to enjoying their movement practices as a time to deepen their connection with their bodies, exploring with conscious curiosity, mindful strength and a sense of fun in the present moment.


The program is intended for teachers and practitioners that want to learn the principles of sustainable movement practices that reduce the most common types of wear and tear on the body’s tissues. These sustainable movement practices also help to strengthen and evolve postural habits, that can, in turn, reduce many of the most common types of chronic soft tissue pain and restrictions.

We want to empower you to be able to walk into any room of students, regardless of age, fitness levels, injury or fitness goals and know that you understand the human body, in it's endless  varieties of capabilities, and you will have the tool kit to connect and empower your students in turn. 

2019 dates winter/ spring coming soon!

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